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Earning Website Cash Through Google Adsense

Many website and blog owners have turned to Google AdSense, one of the best known and popular advertising networks on the internet. Adsense allows users to monetize their sites though ad links placed on your site. AdSense provides advertisements that are targeted to mesh with the content in your website, which in turn makes them more likely to be clicked by he visitors to your site.

How Google AdSense Works:
The advertisement spaces that you provide to AdSense are instantaneously auctioned to various advertising companies. Advertisements are primarily targeted by content; however, a number of other factors are used to determine relevant advertisements including language and geographical location.

At this point you may ask what's in it for Google? Although Google does not publish the percentage of profit it takes from the money they receive from advertisers, a calculation by the New York Times places the value paid out to AdSense partners at roughly 78.5% (meaning Google keeps 21.5% of the total ad revenue).

Making Money With Google Adsense:
Although AdSense has been around for a number of years it is still very possible to make money using it. Payouts per click range from two cents to a couple of dollars (depending on how much the advertisers pay for a specific ad). Google does not allow you to choose ads or directly see how much money a particular ad unit is making, which in turn makes it hard to truly optimize revenue. Minimal payout is $100. Google pays on a monthly basis; however, if you do not hit the monthly payout minimum your balance will roll over.

Tips for Maximizing your AdSense Revenue:
There is no precise answer to how much will earn using Google Adsense because earnings are based on a number of factors that cannot be directly monitored or controlled.

Some components that determine your earnings include:

The types of ads appearing on your page- You are paid when users view or click your ads; all ad spaces are auctioned to ensure that you receive the most revenue while providing a positive user experience.
The pricing of ads does not remain constant
Changing advertiser budgets (and the price of a specific unit in the market), your content type, and the number of users that click will cause your earnings to vary on a daily basis.
How many AdSense units you choose to display.

Google AdSense is far from a get rich quick scheme; it involves a great deal of work to make a large amount of money. However, if you have already created a blog or website, you have the foundation to implement Google Adsense and make extra capital. We have more articles about maximizing your Adsense revenue on this site.