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Logging Into Your New Adsense Account

Applying to AdSense:
Signing up for Google Adsense is a relatively simple process; however, it requires an application (I believe that the application is more or less a formality to help Google determine what your website actually does and to make sure that you adhere to the terms and conditions). First, go to the Google AdSense homepage and locate the "Sign up now" button. Enter your website's URL and language and agree to the terms and conditions. Next, you will be asked to provide information for payment and to provide your Google Account. After submitting this basic information you can expect an activation email within one to two days; however, it occasionally takes as long as five days.

Using Adsense:
Once you receive your activation email you will be able to login to your AdSense account (from the main AdSense page - Inside you will see three tabs: Reports, AdSense Setup, and My Account.

Inside the reports tab you will be able to see things like page impressions, clicks, your page's CTR (displayed as a percentage of clicks per impression), and most importantly earnings.

The AdSense setup tab is where you will find the menus necessary to place ads on your webpage or blog. Click AdSense for content, and then single page. Here you can select "Ad Units" to display on your page. The Ad Units come in a variety of dimensions to best fit your site; use the HTML code found on the setup page to embed the ads into your website.

Although there is no set formula to maximize your Google Adsense earnings there are a couple of steps you can take to increase your earnings.

Traffic -- Easily the biggest factor. The traffic to your website or blog is critical. Google Adsense is a formula of how many visitors your website or blog has and how often they click the ads you display. Thus the most important step is to ensure that you have a large amount of viewers for your website's content.
Placement -- Place the ads where users are more likely to view them (as we read from left to right and top to bottom, it is advantageous to place ads where users eyes are initially drawn)
Blending -- Although it may seem counter-intuitive, blending ads with your website will actually lead to more clicks. Your average Internet user will not click on ads that clearly stand out from main content. If your ads are visually separate from your main content, you lose the advantage of targeted content.
Experiment -- Monitor your earnings with various ad units and see what works best for your site.

Login to your AdSense account regularly enough to monitor your progress and to make changes as necessary, but don't obsess over it. Let your ads run long enough to gather enough data to act upon.