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Three Must-Watch Adsense YouTube Videos

Joomla Tips: Adding Google AdSense Ads to Joomla:
This video was uploaded in September 2007 by YouTube Channel: JoomlaPackages. Obviously, this video is must-watch only if you use Joomla, and do not have AdSense on your site(s) and you would like to do so. In about 3.5 minutes, the author describes the process of adding AdSense to Joomla 1.5 sites after the installation of the Joomlaspan ClickSafe-enabled Adsense module, where the author assumes the viewer is familiar with Joomla module installations.

If the viewer does not have an Adsense account, s/he is advised to sign up for the AdSense program; after being accepted into the AdSense program, AdSense publishers can login to AdSense, locate their publisher ID and paste it into the Joomla AdSense module being described. Apparently, the module supports all of the colors and options found in the Google AdSense members' area. The author (mistakenly?) describes the ClickSafe feature as preventing an ad from a specified IP address as registering as a click. In fact, ClickSave prevents the AdSense ad from showing on a safe IP at all. Nonetheless, this is a good video for Joomla site owners.

What is Google Adsense, and How Do You Use Adsense To Make Money Online?
This is a video from November 2009 in which the author (Jonathan from YouTube Channel Strive4Impact) explains AdSense to one of his product customers who asked the question "What is Adsense...". This is a good treatise of the middleman nature of Google between advertisers and publishers and the related pay-per-click concept.

Jonathan explains how visitors to websites other than Google can see some of Google's advertisers' advertisements and the corresponding revenue chain. Most of what he explains actually deals more with how Adwords works rather than AdSense, but this seemed to be most important for addressing this customer's particular misunderstanding. Most of the comments are very positive, meaning that the viewers obviously learned what they expected to learn from the video.

AdSense Tips for Newbies & Low Earners
This is Lisa Irby's 19 minute video from August, 2009 which addresses questions many people have about AdSense earnings and misconceptions they have about the program and how it works. She addresses the importance of traffic, click-through rates, niche topics, bloggers and the important topic of content.

We have this video embedded into this page below and we highly recommend it to anyone who is not making the kind of money they hoped to make from AdSense. It is not intended to discourage anyone, but to get them to focus on the things required to make money with AdSense. You can watch this now and click through to subscribe to her YouTube Channel Lisa3876.

YouTube contains many videos on most subjects these days. You can do a YouTube search for "AdSense+topicname" to find a tutorial that will fit your needs. Of course, everyone who submits a video has an associated agenda. Nothing wrong with this. Most agendas are not nefarious; however, be aware that some of the advice you will see on some of the videos may not be completely accurate. Do your own due diligence and insert your best judgement before accepting or rejecting the advice in a particular video.